Sean Beattie: research historian, editor of Donegal Annual, Macklin Festival and Colgan Heritage Weekend committee member, chairman of Ulster Local History Trust, author of a number of books on Donegal history, Ph.D. specialising in Congested Districts Board.Worked as a teacher of English, History and French in St. Joseph’s Secondary School, Derry, subsequently at Ballyfermot Vocational School, Dublin, while undertaking H.Dip. Ed., Carndonagh College and Carndonagh Community School, Co Donegal. Guidance Counsellor at the latter for twenty years. On his appointment to Carndonagh College in 1971, he founded the school magazine Inisduinn, which is still in operation.Thanks to this magazine, the school has a photo of most students since it opened. Most recent publication was  An Historical, Environmental and Cultural Atlas of County Donegal (edited with Jim MacLaughlin), published by Cork University Press, 500 pages approx, ISBN 9781 8591  84943. In 2013 he was awarded an honorary degree by the National University of Ireland, Galway.

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  1. finally, two weeks ago, i received the re-print of THE FRIENDLINESS OF TOTAL STRANGERS. but the re-print fell apart on reading. so…i re-bound by hand all 200 copies. there is a feature in today’s DONEGAL NEWS, by the way.

    might the DONEGAL ANNUAL be able to give a short mention or review of it?

    all the best

    – louis

  2. Hi Sean. My grandad Thomas Harkin 1885-1976 from Falmore Leitrim his father Patrick Harkin mum Magery Mclauglin, Paddy Roe McLaughlin aunt .Tommy’s grandad Henry Harkin. Family of 13 but only have names for his brother, maybe aunt Rose, In 1966 my grandad Tommy visited a Beaty family, have a picture with a sign on the front of the BEATTY. Tommy said he had a Pub across from the Lace school Carromenagh he said it was the smallest Pub in all of Ireland. Meet John A. McLaughlin June 2011 I think my grandad worked in a Beatty Pub. Tommy and his family wife Bridget /Doherty(Lag House Pub) 3 kids brothers Joseph
    Nicholas cousins Paddy Roe , Mick and Willie McLaughlin emigrated 1926-27 to Brooklyn New York.

    • Forgot to add the Beatty pub is where I grew up
      The Lace School was some 100 yards above the pub not opposite
      Your grandad may have worked in my uncles’s pub in Crora, Culdaff which is still functioning part time

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